Q: How to get into "factory setting"? What should be noted?

At present, the “factory setting” code of TV sets produced by Express Luck is the default value “MENU 1147”, which is different with the earlier main board project. For example, the code of MST9EX9 main board project is MENU 9257, the code of MST608DMBT main board project is SOURCE 2580, the code of ST309BT-DMBT main board project is MENU 2580. Please mind the following:

1. The “factory setting” is the specialized item for R&D personnel and quality inspectors to detect and adjust. There is no need to adjust it once again for it is already in the best condition. So, no adjustment is allowed unless by professional maintenance technicians in case of leading to other negative phenomenon. 
2. If relative items needed to adjust, record the original parameters of these relative items beforehand. Remember to adjust to the original parameters if the adjustment failed.
3. If adjustment disorder or failure happens, the product can return to the initial condition of menu by operating “reset” item.