1. Safety Warning:

  • The inside key components in the LED TVmust be offered and replaced by qualified and appointed manufacturer. Otherwise it may generate electricshocks, fires or other       important unsafety cases;

  • Don’t try to change the circuits without authorized permission;

  • Ensure to study the maintenance and service manual thoroughly before doing any of the maintaining actions.

2. High Voltage Warning:

  • Please be highly noted the high voltages in the circuit.

3. Electricshocks and Fires Warning:

  • Connect the insulate transformer between the AC current to the LED TV before repairing the panel;

  • Take care of the Soldering Pad related to the high voltage circuit. When there occurs short-circuit case, please replace the overheated components in time;

  • All protective equipments must be re-installed according to the original design;

  • Check the rosin joints, stack welds and the insulations, ensure there is no objection attached.   

4. Antistatic Warning:

  • The inner circuit boards in the LED TV are sensitive to the statics. Please take care of the ESD protection when replace the circuit boards;

  • The circuit boards must be packed by antistatic bags. Please wear antistatic ring and gloves when during repairing works.

5. Attention:


  • if the LED TV is in 5V, it must be switched to the setting of 5V;

  • if the LED TV is in 12V, it must be switched to the setting of 12V.