Option 1:Upgrading User Menu

  • Please copy the new software to the USB;
  • Power ON the TV and then link the USB to the USB port;
  • Press MENU to display the main menu. Then press /  to the OPTION menu
  • Select the software in the root of your USB memory;
  • Press ENTER, then press to update;
  • After finishing the above steps, the screen will be black, then the indicator will beturned to red color, which means all the operation is finished.

Option 2:Upgrading By Powering On

  • Please copy the new software to the USB, link it to the USB port of TV;
  • Re-power on, if the LED blinks continually, it means the upgrading is onprocessing;
  • When the LED light is off, it means the upgrading has been completed.


  1. Do not turn OFF the power during the upgrading;
  2. The USB devices should be without computer virus or other files inside;
  3. If the new software is put in a RAR package, you must decompress the software from the RAR package;
  4. The new software name below (cannot be changed): bin_6m181.bin;bin_6m182.bin;bin_6m182_VG.bin;
  5. When upgrading, the LED blinks slowly every 1 second:
    • If upgrade succeeds, the LED will blink quickly every 1/4 second;
    • If upgrade fails, the red LED will light for a long time and green LED will light for a short time in cycle;
  6. After upgrading the software, you had better enter the default menu to resume as follows:
    • Press the remote,control and enter the password “MENU1147”, now the TV will display with “Factory Setting”;
    • Select the option “INIT TV”, and then press on the remote control to reset it.

At present, the “Factory Setting” code of TV sets produced by Express Luck is the default value “MENU1147”, which is different with the earlier main board project. For example, the code of MST9EX9 main board project is MENU 9257, the code of MST608DMBT main board project is SOURCE 2580, the code of ST309BT-DMBT main board project is MENU 2580. Please mind the following:

  1. The “Factory Setting” is the specialized item for R&D personnel and quality inspectors to detect and adjust. There is no need to adjust it once again for it is already in the best condition. So, no adjustment is allowed unless by professional maintenance technicians in case of leading to other negative phenomenon.
  2. If relative items needed to adjust, record the original parameters of these relative items beforehand. Remember to adjust to the original parameters if the adjustment failed.
  3. If adjustment disorder or failure happens, the product can return to the initial condition of menu by operating “reset” item.
  1. Keep the model and the specification of the new material in accordance with these of previous material. If the panel is replaced by a new one with different model, the relative parameters, voltage requirements and resolution should be clearly understood. Attention:Panels in different model and specification are corresponded with voltage. For specific information, please refer to the sheet of panel voltage of panel T-CON.
    Panel size Panel Factory Panel model Panel Specification Panel Voltage
    15 inches BOE HT150X02-100 1024X768 3.3V
    Sharp LQ150U1LW22 1600X1200 3.3V
    Samsung LTN156AT05 1366X768 3.3V
    CMO N156BGE-L21 1366X768 3.3V
    LG LP156WH4-TLN2 1366X768 3.3V
    17 inches Hannstar HSD170MGW1 1440X900 5V
    Samsung LTM190M2-L31 1440X900 5V
    BOE HT190WG1-100 1440X900 5V
    19 inches CMO M185BGE-P02 1440X900 5V
    CMO V185B1-PE1 1366X768 5V
    CMO M185B1-P01 1366X768 5V
    BOE HM185WX3-300 1366X768 5V
    CPT CLAB185WA03 1366X768 5V
    22 inches CLP LM215DA-T01 1366X768 5V
    AUO M215HTN01.1 1920X1080 5V
    AUO M215HTN01.2 1920X1080 5V
    23.6 inches CMO M236H1-P08 1920X1080 5V
    CMO M236HGE-P02 1920X1080 5V
    AUO M240HTN01.2 1920X1080 5V
    27.5 inches CSOT ST2751A01-4 1366X768 12V
    32 inches CMO V315B1-L01 1366X768 5V
    CMO V315B1-L05 1366X768 12V
    CMO V320BJ1-P02 1366X768 12V
    CSOT ST3151A05-5 1366X768 12V
    BOE HV320WX2-201 1366X768 12V
    AUO T320XVN01.0 1366X768 12V
    LG LC320WXE-SBA1 1366X768 12V
    CMO V315H3-LE2 1920X1080 12V
    CMO V315H3-LE4 1920X1080 12V
    SAMSUNG LTN320HN03 1920X1080 12V
    AUO T320HW04 1920X1080 12V
    39 inches AUO T390XVN01.0 1920X1080 12V
    AUO T390HVN01.0 1920X1080 12V
    CMO V390HJ1-P02 1920X1080 12V
    42 inches AUO T420HW07 1920X1080 12V
    CMO V420H2-P01 1920X1080 12V
    PANASONIC VVX420F11600 1920X1080 12V
    46 inches AUO T460HW08 V.C 1920X1080 12V
    CMO V460H1-LS2 1920X1080 12V
    50 inches AUO T500HVN01.0 1920X1080 12V
    AUO T500HVN04.1 1920X1080 12V
    55 inches SAMSUNG LTI550HJ03 1920X1080 12V
    65 inches CMO V650DK1-LS1 1920X1080 12V
  2. When replacing the main board, only the main board in the same model and same production batch can be used. If using the main board in different model and different production batch, first should be clear whether the parameter is in accordance with the panel or not. Meanwhile, pay attention to whether the voltage that panel T-CON needs is in accordance with the output voltage of main board’s LVDS VCC. Remember that the panel will be damaged when the voltage of LVDS VCC is much too high, and the T-CON board cannot work when the voltage is too low.
  3. When using the main board of different model or different patch for replacing, the modification and adjustment of relative panel parameters should be clearly understood. Relative items can be properly adjusted in the “Factory initial setting”. If failed to do so, software upgrading is needed to meet the requirements of panel parameter.
  4. Replacing panel, glass, main board or shielded wire must be accompanied by appointed technical service staff.
  5. Please mind electrostatic protective measures: avoidance of static electricity damaging panel components or IC and other sensitive and vulnerable components is the issue that maintenance instructors should pay attention to.

The motherboard with the FLASH ROM storage procedures, which can be repeatedly erased, can be pre-recorded the software to the FLASH IC, and then load it to the appropriate location of the motherboard, or can be upgraded the software via a VGA port or a USB port. Procedures are related to the functions of the motherboard, that’s to say, the motherboard with different functions or different solutions should be recorded with the different versions of the programs. In general, directly upgrading the software through the USB port is the most simple and efficient method.

Take the motherboard solution MSTAR 6M181, 6M182 and 18VG as examples.

Regarding those upgrading procedures and upgrading precautions, see the following, and directly upgrade the TV software via USB port :

  1. Copy a new software in a USB disk, and then plug the USB disk into the TV’s USB port;
  2. Then connect the power supply to make the TV with « red light » on (Note: Just let the TV standby, but do not switch on). About 2 seconds later, you should find that the light will automatically enter the slow flashing; A few seconds later, the indicator light will change the state into « flashing » from blinking slowly, and finally stop flashing and change back to the “red light” status (which indicates the upgrading is ended, and you can unplug the USB disk).
  3. Turn off the TV power supply, then turn it on, and the upgrading operation will be completed.

Please Note:

  • When the indicator is in blinking, it means that the upgrading process has been entered. At this time, do not power off ;
  • When the indicator light changes the state into « flashing » from blinking slowly, it means that the upgrading process will be completed quickly. Please wait for a while, until the indicator light stops blinking.
  • The quality for U disk used for upgrading software must be good, and it cannot have virus documents or other documents;
  • If the new software “Bin file” is inside the RAR compressed file, then firstly you must unzip the corresponding the software Bin file from the pressure package, then copy the new software Bin file to the U disk directly;
  • The name of the Software Bin file cannot be changed, otherwise the upgrading operation cannot go on !
  1. Please avoid throwing, falling and wetting of the remote. Keep the surface and the battery of the remote clean.
  2. Try to avoid children playing with remote for the frequently start will shorten the lifetime of remote and television.
  3. Never wipe the surface of remote with solvent or potent chemicals.
    • If there is slight dust, wipe it lightly with clean and soft cloth or cotton yarn.
    • If the dirt in surface is too heavy, remove it with clean and soft cloth or cotton yarn which has dipped in neutral detergent, then let it air-dry.
  4. if the battery drops down from the remote accidently and needs to put back in place or needs to change the battery, please be clear with polarity of battery and make it in accordance with the polarity in battery compartment, and avoid the phenomenon of remote or battery burnt even battery explosion caused by reverse installation of battery.
  1. Safety Warning:
    • The inside key components in the LED TVmust be offered and replaced by qualified and appointed manufacturer. Otherwise it may generate electricshocks, fires or other important unsafety cases;
    • Don’t try to change the circuits without authorized permission;
    • Ensure to study the maintenance and service manual thoroughly before doing any of the maintaining actions.
  2. High Voltage Warning:
    • Please be highly noted the high voltages in the circuit.
  3. Electricshocks and Fires Warning:
    • Connect the insulate transformer between the AC current to the LED TV before repairing the panel;
    • Take care of the Soldering Pad related to the high voltage circuit. When there occurs short-circuit case, please replace the overheated components in time;
    • All protective equipments must be re-installed according to the original design;
    • Check the rosin joints, stack welds and the insulations, ensure there is no objection attached.
  4. Antistatic Warning:
    • The inner circuit boards in the LED TV are sensitive to the statics. Please take care of the ESD protection when replace the circuit boards;
    • The circuit boards must be packed by antistatic bags. Please wear antistatic ring and gloves when during repairing works.
  5. Attention:


    • if the LED TV is in 5V, it must be switched to the setting of 5V;
    • if the LED TV is in 12V, it must be switched to the setting of 12V.