Android TV Explained - All features and tips you want to know

Android TV Explained - All features and tips you want to know

What is Android TV?

I believe that many of you are familiar with Android, a mobile operating system developed by Google and is the most dominant smartphone system nowadays. However, do you know Google also has its own TV operating system, Android TV? Android TV is a smart TV operating system and currently built into a number of well-known TV brands. Smart-Tech, as one of the official partners from Google, has also equipped Android TV operating system on some of its key models.

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In this blog, we are going to give you a clear idea about what features on Android TV, what Google has offered and how is it different from other smart TV systems. Let’s begin.


Comprehensive Content and Google Play

What is the most important thing for you in a TV? For me, it must be the content. One of the key differences and advantages of Android TV is its comprehensive content base. There are more than 400,000 movies, shows and apps, you can access from Android TV via Google Play, Google Play Movies & TV, YouTube and more. Some top apps are already installed in Android TV, such as Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video. And you can still download the applications you like via Google Play. Altogether, Android TV is absolutely an entertainment center you would enjoy.


Google Assistant (Voice Control)

Apart from content, convenience and user experience also matter a lot. With the help of Google Assistant, you just do things faster and easier. No matter what you want from your TV, like searching shows, getting recommendations, checking the weather, all you have to do is press the Google Assistant button on the remote and ask Google to do it for you. Enjoy a real smart TV experience starting from this.


Chromecast Built-in (Screen Mirroring)

Another great feature I must mention on Android TV is Chromecast Technology, which allows us to cast all our favorite movies, shows, apps, games, and more from your devices directly to the TV with just a few taps. You would definitely enjoy watching all your photos on the big screen or share with your family using this function. Furthermore, you can even use the devices as a controller or remote with this technology. If you want to know more about how to use your phone as a virtual remote, take a look at this blog with more details.


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Other Features

Google DUO & Virtual remote

In addition to the features above, there are few features that people are surprisingly useful you would not want to miss, such as Google DUO and virtual remote. Google DUO is a very user-friendly video Conferencing application that brings you natural face-to-face interactions with your friends and family. Up to 32 participants are allowed to join the same meeting at maximum. Different from other video calling apps, Google DUO is not only available on mobile and computer, but also on Android TV via Google Play. It just helps you to see more of you loved ones all on the big screen.


Besides, virtual remote is another amazing function that helps you control your TV more easily. Just download the "Android TV" app if you are an iPhone user, or download the "Google TV" app with your android phone. No more trouble if you can’t find the remote or want to control your TV from a distance next time.


Difference Between Android TV & other Smart TV operating systems

  •         App Support

Nowadays, there are many options of TV operating systems on the market. Do you know what is the difference between Android TV and those? I can say the application support from Android TV really distinguishes itself from the others thanks to the support of Google Play store. Just like what mentioned above, you can access to a large number of applications via Google Play, such as NBA, NFL, ESPN, and enjoy a lot more content you love, according to your personal hobbies and favorites. On the contrary, the app support is limited on some other TV operating systems.


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  •         Games

If you and your family are games lovers, don’t forget to check out the games on Google Play. Since there are plenty of great games available and some of them are even free, you can just download them and play with your family and friends. Don’t know how to control? No worries. You can use your smartphones as the controllers via Chromecast or pair up with some compatible controllers, like PlayStations and Xboxes controllers, via Bluetooth.

With the customization feature, you can make change to the home screen and only show stuff you want to see. Just go to the bottom of the home screen or go to "device preference", you are able to choose what to appear on the home screen or the order of the applications shown. Likewise, you can also go to setting and the photos you love as a screen saver.