Express LUCK ”Industry 4.0” Started

2020-06-17 16:23:15 56

In the face of the fast and changeable global business environment and the strong atmosphere of self-protection, the traditional production mode is no longer enough to seek breakthroughs; it is inevitable for enterprises to break out of the encircle and move towards digitization, intelligence and integration with the era of big data.

"Industry 4.0" can help Express LUCK to become a intelligent enterprise, for example, set the blueprint and the direction, improve the productivity and achieve the maximum benefit, and step toward sustainable development.

The concept is a comprehensive 360-degree network entity system that integrates the processes of marketing, supply chain, internal engineering and technology, production system, quality management and information technology. The use of real-time factual data, coupled with data storage, computing and analysis, strengthen the IOT sharing the internal data, driving the automation of the integrated control system. This gives the group the flexibility to enhance its competitive edge in globalization.

Through "Industry 4.0", Express LUCK is not only producing smart TV, it will also become the "Smart Enterprise" among smart TV manufacturers.