Express LUCK Headquarters Delegation visited Hungary Factory

2020-06-17 16:23:15 63

Since Express LUCK established Hungary Factory, they maintain the close communication to adapt the development. Market diversification and production center globalization are the cooperative strategies to strive for perpetual growth of Express LUCK. It reduces the risk of relying on individual country and benefits to broadening the production capability and competitiveness internationally under the fierce economic condition.

In the recent years, we are aiming at diversifying our global investment to overseas production facilities and sales operations to minimize the risk on concentrated to a prime production base or relies on limited countries or customers. When we are developing European market, we have a dedicated team to be stationed locally as this helps to speed up the local sales activities. This allows us to enjoy the effective management and cost control. European Market is one of the key to successful regions and we are expecting some new investment.

Representative of Hungary Factory says “We are delighted to meet the Express LUCK delegation. Actually, we are interested in all kinds of investment opportunities such as business integration and brand acquisitions. Meeting with the delegates is a very good chance to have a closer and better communications for future dialogues and exploring different investment opportunities to accelerate the growth in Europe”