Szigetszentmiklós Government visited Express LUCK production

2020-06-17 16:23:15 93

The Szigetszentmiklós Municipal Government delegation made a courtesy visit to the Express LUCK production base during April 2017.It’s very appreciate and gratitude for coming to the local investment, said by the mayor of Szigetszentmiklós Municipal Government.

During the visit, the delegation of the government and Express LUCK exchanged views on issues of SmartTech, such as investment, sales situation and the construction of production base. They also made a friendly interacted with local workers, as they toured the production workshops and offices.

Smart-Tech and Szigetszentmiklós government visit

When hear the TV production capacity is 2,000 pcs/day, and will increase to 3,000 pcs/day in the second half of the year, the mayor has a fully affirmed of the development and efforts, also praised for the employment and tax contribution to the local area.


The visit certainly inject fresh impetus into the development of Express LUCK, and it’s of great significance in pushing forward the steady development of Express LUCK.

Szigetszentmiklós Government and XEC Technology