This manual will introduce 2 upgrading methods :(select one option)

Option1:Upgrading User Menu
Option 2:Upgrading By Powering On
  • Please copy the new software to the USB;

  • Power ON the TV and then link the USB to the USB port;

  • Press MENU to display the main menu. Then press /  to the OPTION menu

  • Select the software in the root of your USB memory;

  • Press ENTER, then press to update;

  • After finishing the above steps, the screen will be black, then the indicator will beturned to red color, which means all the operation is finished.

  • Please copy the new software to the USB, link it to the USB port of TV;

  • Re-power on, if the LED blinks continually, it means the upgrading is onprocessing;

  • When the LED light is off, it means the upgrading has been completed.


1. Do not turn OFF the power during the upgrading;

2. The USB devices should be without computer virus or other files inside;

3. If the new software is put in a RAR package, you must decompress the software from the RAR package;

4. The new software name below (cannot be changed): bin_6m181.bin;bin_6m182.bin;bin_6m182_VG.bin;

5. When upgrading, the LED blinks slowly every 1 second:

  • If upgrade succeeds, the LED will blink quickly every 1/4 second;

  • If upgrade fails, the red LED will light for a long time and green LED will light for a short time in cycle;

6. After upgrading the software, you had better enter the default menu to resume as follows:

  • Press the remote,control and enter the password “MENU1147”, now the TV will display with “Factory Setting”;

  • Select the option “INIT TV”, and then press on the remote control to reset it.